Rack-Mount Panel

Belden offers several Fiber Patch Panel families to suit various levels of fiber density support. The DCX Rack-Mount Housings are available in three configurations 48 ports (96F) in 1U, 96 ports (192F) in 2U and 192 ports (384F) in 4U. They are compatible with all DCX Modular Cassettes & Adaptor Frames. The FX UHD connectivity system offers a simple solution for incorporating flexibility, manageability and scalability into high-density fiber channels. The FX ECX platform is an intuitive and flexible solution optimized for LAN environments.

Features & Benefits

  • Broad Portfolio: Systems and cassettes/frames covers needs for various fiber densities, all connector configurations and broad application support
  • Built with the Installer in Mind: All Fiber Panel Systems have installer-friendly features that save labor time and reduce installation errors
  • Customized Solutions: Belden’s expertise in collaborative design and customization allows for solutions that are an exact fit the customer’s need
  • Scalable Solutions: Modular components and well-thought out cable management features allow for system scalability
  • Signal Integrity: Each housing and accessory have features that ensure proper cable and patch cord management and reduce pinch points
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