Copper Cross-Connect Systems

Belden Cross-Connect Systems are ideal for high density installations, where maintaining optimal ease of moves, adds, and changes is a requirement. Systems include the REVConnect 10GX Wall Mount System, GigaBIX, BIX, and 110 Cross-Connect systems. These systems offer easy installation and cable management, the industry's best performance-to-price ratio, and extreme space-savings when installed on a wall.


Beyond 100 Meters: Application-Specific Cabling and Testing

To ensure cable performance beyond 100 m, what field tests can be run? What limits should be used to assure that cabling systems will support certain technology or applications? This presentation will examine the testing parameters we measure and how they’re affected by channel length. We will also look at requirements for given applications and how we can meet them – even if we exceed limits set forth by cabling standards.