Broadcast Studios Solutions

Enhance your Broadcast, Provide Compelling & Immersive Viewer Experiences


Acting as the nervous system of your studio, cabling and connectivity can make or break a broadcast.


This is where Belden’s reputation for reliability, superior performance and collaboration shines. Once we understand your needs and challenges, we can configure specific fiber, copper and coax solutions that reduce downtime on set, support technology and graphics to enhance your broadcast, and help you provide compelling and immersive viewer experiences.


Belden’s broadcast team is respected and trusted across the media and entertainment industry. We partner with some of the largest studios in the world, using our decades of industry experience to design and deliver premium performance. Our work has even been recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with a Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award for our impact on the broadcast industry and vital role in standardizing SMPTE cables.

From drones to AI, new technology is changing how entertainment content is created and consumed. Different formats and distribution channels are on the rise. Cabling and connectivity products from Belden are designed to help you leverage this new technology, support the shift to IP and make the most of your studio space so you can drive new revenue and boost viewership—all while being flexible enough to support future growth.


We’ll make sure you have the studio infrastructure in place to create flawless broadcasts and establish powerful connections with viewers in an ever-changing industry.