Industrial REVConnect

Field termination of Ethernet cables is time-consuming. Belden’s Industrial REVConnect RJ45 connectors deliver a faster, simpler, universal cable termination solution, complete with a unique insulation piercing mechanism. Built specifically to withstand exposure to harsh elements in the field, Belden's Industrial REVConnect RJ45 connectors are ideal for use in any industrial application requiring an easy-to-use field-termination solution. Now offering a new DIN-Rail mounting fixture specifically for Industrial REVConnect jacks.

Features & Benefits

  • Network Reliability: Insulation piercing mechanism enables long-term reliability in the field
  • Ruggedized: Designed to withstand exposure to harsh elements including noise, vibration and extreme operating temperatures
  • Time-Saving: This simplified termination process can be completed quickly by technicians with any level of experience
  • Versatile: Compatible with any IoT device using an RJ45 plug and can be switched from a jack to a plug or vice-versa without having to re-terminate
Product Color Description Part Number
Core WhiteUniversal Industrial REVConnect Core that Can Plug into Jack or PlugRVUIO0UEW-XXX
Coupler, Cat5e, 6, 6a UTP White/BlackIndustrial REVConnect CAT6A Coupler that Connects 2 CoresRVAIU2UXX-XXX
Cordset, Custom CustomCustom Cable, Color, Length Terminated with Industrial REVConnect Core Download
Tool, Termination N/AInclude Cable Stripping Tool and Crimping Tool for Industrial REVConnect CoreE400004
Tool, Outlet ReleaseTool to Release Core from Industrial REVConnect Jack or Plug Download
Plug, Cat5e, 6, 6a UTP RJ45 BlackIndustrial REVConnect IP20 RJ45 Unshielded CAT6A Plug with Universal Core(s)RVAIP2UBK-XXX
Plug, Cat5e, 6, 6a STP RJ45 MetalIndustrial REVConnect IP20 RJ45 Shielded CAT6A Plug with Universal Core(s)RVAIP2SME-XXX
Jack, Cat5e STP RJ45Industrial REVConnect IP20 RJ45 Shielded CAT5E Jack with Universal Core(s)RV5IJ2SME-XXX
Jack, Cat6 STP RJ45Industrial REVConnect IP20 RJ45 Shielded CAT6 Jack with Universal Core(s)RV6IJ2SME-XXX
Jack, Cat6a STP RJ45Industrial REVConnect IP20 RJ45 Shielded CAT6A Jack with Universal Core(s)RVAIJ2SME-XXX
Jack, Cat5e UTP RJ45 5 ColorsIndustrial REVConnect IP20 RJ45 Unshielded CAT5E Jack with Universal Core(s)RV5IJ2UXX-XXX
Jack, Cat6 UTP RJ45Industrial REVConnect IP20 RJ45 Unshielded CAT6 Jack with Universal Core(s)RV6IJ2UXX-XXX
Jack, Cat6a UTP RJ45Industrial REVConnect IP20 RJ45 Unshielded CAT6A Jack with Universal Core(s)RVAIJ2UXX-XXX
DIN-Rail Mounting Fixture White Industrial DIN Rail Fixture with cover 1-Port Suitable for Keystone connectors UTP and FTPE100K22 009S1