Enterprise LAN Solutions for Healthcare

Enterprise Local Area Networks for Hospitals & Medical Centers

Patient records, diagnostic data and surgical suite operations rely more than ever on networks to capture, transmit, manage and store vast amounts of data. The growing wireless trend has challenged hospitals and other medical facilities to meet ever-increasing connectivity demands presented by staff, patients and their families. Data security regulations and diverse requirements based on application and building location adds to the complexity of these mission critical systems. 

From our industry-leading REVConnect System to our broad ECX single- and multimode fiber optic cabling portfolio and data center ecosystem solutions, partnering with Belden offers the most comprehensive and expedited way to meet your infrastructure and connectivity needs.  

  • ANSI/TIA &  ISO/IEC-compliant solutions meet network redundancy, onsite security, disaster recovery & outlet density requirements
  • Fiber optic & copper cabling solutions proven to exceed TIA & ISO standards for maximum network reliability, high throughput & power-delivery efficiency     
  • Belden certified contractors & installers trained & knowledgeable in enterprise LAN deployments
  • 25-year warranty & lifetime application-specific performance guarantee 

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