Copper RJ45 Plugs

Field-Mount Plugs are available in unshielded (UTP) and shielded (STP), color-coded TIA-568 A/B for universal wiring. They come equipped with an insulation piercing contact (IPC) terminated core that provides a quick, easy and reliable termination onto various cable sizes. The new plugs are ideal for direct connections to wireless access points, IP cameras and various IP devices. The REVConnect unshielded (UTP) and shielded (STP) FlexPlug enables the award-winning REVConnect termination to be deployed in applications where the size of a typical field terminated plug inhibits direct connection to IoT devices with size and cable routing constraints. Indoor/Outdoor FlexPlugs are Outdoor-rated and UV-resistant and can be deployed in applications where typical field-terminated plugs can’t be used.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce Inventory: Intermateable with all modular jacks
  • REVConnect: Provides material and labor savings
  • Reliable: Supports the most demanding network applications
REVConnect Plugs
Description Single Pack Bulk Pack
10GX REVConnect Unshielded (UTP) PlugsRVAFPUBK-S1RVAFPUBK-B24
10GX REVConnect Shielded (STP) PlugsRVAFPSME-S1RVAFPSME-B24
REVConnect Core Protective CapRVUCPC-B24
REVConnect FlexPlugs
Description 18" White 18" Black
Category 6A 10GX UTP REVConnect  FlexPlugRVAFFPUEW18-S1RVAFFPUBK18-S1
Category 6 CAT6+ UTP REVConnect  FlexPlugRV6FFPUEW18-S1RV6FFPUBK18-S1
Category 6A 10GX STP REVConnect FlexPlugRVAFFPSEW18-S1RVAFFPSBK18-S1
Category 6 CAT6+ STP REVConnect FlexPlugRV6FFPSEW18-S1RV6FFPSBK18-S1
REVConnect Indoor/Outdoor FlexPlugs
Description 18" Black 30" Black 36" Black
Category 6A 10GX UTP REVConnect Indoor/Outdoor  FlexPlugRVAFFPUBK18O-S1RVAFFPUBK30O-S1RVAFFPUBK36O-S1
Category 6 CAT6+ UTP REVConnect Indoor/Outdoor FlexPlugRV6FFPUBK18O-S1RV6FFPUBK30O-S1RV6FFPUBK36O-S1
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