Fiber Raceways

Fiber Raceways are an overhead system of plastic troughs used to route, protect and manage fiber optic cables. Belden’s LSZH Fiber Raceway portfolio offers a toolless, flexible system that provides complete protection of fiber cables. Our design tool enables data centers to quickly configure their networks, ensuring that no components are missed during the design phase.

Features & Benefits

  • Save Time & Labor: Flexible raceway system snaps together without tools
  • Protect Cable: Safeguards are built into every raceway; components won't rip the cable's outer jacket or compromise bend radius
  • Keep Staff & Equipment Safe: Products are certified to UL 94 V-O & RoHS specifications; self-extinguishing and halogen-free
Fiber Ducts
Part Number Size Description
FRD5SYL 4x12Fiber Raceway Duct, 4x12, with Lid
FRD5TYL 4x12Fiber Raceway Slotted Duct, 4x12, with Lid
FRD1SYN 2x2Fiber Raceway Duct, 2x2
FRD1TYL 2x2Fiber Raceway Slotted Duct, 2x2, with Lid
FRD1SYL 2x2Fiber Raceway Duct, 2x2, with Lid
FRD3SYL 4x4Fiber Raceway Duct, 4x4, with Lid
FRD3TYL 4x4Fiber Raceway Slotted Duct, 4x4, with Lid
FRD3TYH 4x4Fiber Raceway Slotted Duct, 4x4, with Hinged Lid
FRD4SYL 4x8Fiber Raceway Duct, 4x8, with Lid
FRD4TYL 4x8Fiber Raceway Slotted Duct, 4x8, with Lid
Fiber Duct Connections - Smart Part Table
Fiber Raceway Lid Type Type Direction Type Connections Component Measurement Color
FR L With Lid Bend Type D Down K Kit C Connections B Break-Out 1 2x2 B Black
3 30 Degree Bend H Horizontal C Cross Connector 2 2x4 O Orange
4 40 Degree Bend V Vertical D Drop Off Kit 3 4x4 Y Yellow
990 Degree Bend U Up E Elbow 4 4x8
0 Straight S Standard F Trumpet Flare 5 4x12
Vertical Tees Retrofit R Right Hand P Top Outlet 6 4x24
R Retrofit L Left Hand R Reducer U Universal Fit
N Non-Retrofit C Center T Tee
Reducer U Tee Break-Out
14x4 reduced from 8x4 V Vertical Tee
28in to 4in X Express Exit
34in to 8in S Side Spill Out
48x4 to 12x4
N Standard
Drop Off Kit Sizes
180, 2.4mm cables w/tube
2100-150, 2.4mm cables w/tube
3100-150, 2.4mm cables w/duct
Part Number Size Description
FRAB3Y 2x4End Support Bracket 2x4
FRAS3Y 4x4Slotless Joiner, 4x4
FRAS4Y 4x8Slotless Joiner, 4x8
FRAJ1Y 2x2Snap-Fit Joiner, 2x2
FRAJ5YSKT 4x12Snap-Fit Joiner, 4x12
FRAJ3Y 4x4Snap-Fit Joiner, 4x4
FRAJ4Y 4x8Snap-Fit Joiner, 4x8
FRAQFY 50mmSquare Tube 50mm OD
FRARY  Convoluted Tube
FRAREY 88mmConvoluted Tube, 88mm OD
FRAE1Y 2x2End Cap 2x2
FRAE3Y 4x4End Cap 4x4
FRAE4Y 4x8End Cap 4x8
FRAE1YB 2x2End Cap, 2x2, with 2x Snap-Out for Tube
FRAE1YC 2x2End Cap, 2x2, with 38mm Slot
FRAE5FYSKT 4x12End Cap, 4x12, Slotless Assembly Kit
FRAE3Y1 4x4End Cap, 4x4, with 88mm Tube Outlet
FRAE4Y2 4x8End Cap, 4x8, with 2x88mm Tube Outlet
Mounting Kits
Part Number Description
FRMS2Mounting Stand Off Kit, 100mm
FRMS4Mounting Stand Off Kit, 200mm
FRMT3KMounting Trapeze Style Kit, 100mm
FRMT32Mounting Trapeze Style Kit, 100mm, 12mm Rod
FRMT36Mounting Trapeze Style Kit, 100mm, 16mm Rod
FRMT4KMounting Trapeze Style Kit, 220mm
FRMT42Mounting Trapeze Style Kit, 220mm, 12mm Rod
FRMT46Mounting Trapeze Style Kit, 220mm, 16mm Rod
FRMT5KMounting Trapeze Style Kit, 300mm
FRMT52Mounting Trapeze Style Kit, 300mm, 12mm Rod
FRMD050Duct Mounting Bracket, 50mm
FRMT56Mounting Trapeze Style Kit, 300mm, 16mm Rod
FRMV4KMounting Vertical Strut Kit, 220mm
FRMW3KMounting Wall Mount Bracket Kit, 100mm
FRMC3KMounting C Type Kit, 100mm, Kit
FRMC4KMounting C Type Kit, 220mm, Kit
FRMC5KMounting C Type Kit, 300mm, Kit
FRMC3Mounting C Type, 100mm
FRMC4Mounting C Type, 220mm
FRMC5Mounting C Type, 300mm
FRML4KMounting Ladder Rack Kit, 220mm
Tool Kits
Part Number Description
FRTS3Slotting Tool - Foot Operated with Case
FRTS4Slotting Tool - Hand, Hydraulic
FRTS5Slotting Tool - Hand, Hydraulic with Case
FRTS1Slotting Tool for 100mm; 220mm Duct & 300mm
FRTB2Break-Out Tool Kit, 50mm Kit
FRTB1Break-Out Tool, 50mm
FRTC1Cutting Tool, Break-Outs
FRTC2Cutting Tool, Drop Off Holesaw
FRTD1Duct Cable Separator Kit
FRTM1Mitre Box, 100, 220, and 300mm
FRTM2Mitre Box, 30mm and 50mm
FRTS2Slotting Tool - Foot Operated
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