Connected Station Networks

Communications for flawless in-station control and operation systems


Mass transit stations have always required a complex blend of technologies. Modern equipment—with its ever-increasing, and sometimes competing, requirements for integrated systems—has not simplified the situation. Many of these assets and devices fall into categories of similar equipment, making integrations easier to plan and manage.


Elements to consider for station network systems


Station control

White high-speed commuter train in motion.


Enable the sensitive, essential functions of fare collection, ticketing, eGates and people-movers like escalators and elevators.

Station operations

Control center technician monitoring operations & communicating via two-way radio.


Operation systems connect to CCTV, public address, HVAC and environmental control, and passenger information systems, extending oversight to onboard environments.

In-station experience


In-station passenger experience systems let travelers connect to the rest of the world while in the station.



Key benefits of connected station networks


Passenger safety & security

Onboard automation & surveillance improvements

Passenger experience

Improve onboard information transparency & passenger services


Predictive maintenance to reduce unplanned failures & maintenance costs


Labor productivity

Automate onboard operations to increase productivity & limit errors



Our approach to connected station network solutions

The station is a commercial hub with needs similar to other commercial enterprises, plus guests need to be able to enter and exit efficiently and operational teams must track happenings at every moment. While some activities bear a resemblance to other commercial enterprises, the operating environment may put exceptional strains on equipment.


Belden has the expertise to manage such complexity based on a deep knowledge of well-documented uses built specifically for rail applications. Our approach begins with a thorough analysis of the requirements, followed by designing, securing, deploying, and validating a solution that best adapts to the specific case.


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