Solutions to Keep Data Flowing in Oil & Gas Production Environments

Downtime costs for the oil and gas market are some of the highest in any industry. Whether caused by weather, human error or malicious forces, interruptions can bring global processes to a halt. Infrastructure and signaling components act as your nerve center. They must be able to constantly withstand an extremely long list of destructive elements: temperature extremes, chemicals, harsh terrain, dust, mud, oil, humidity, UV rays, fire and explosions, and electromagnetic interference—and this is exactly what Belden’s solutions are designed to do.

From infrastructure design through testing, installation and maintenance, we can help you improve automation and best practices within your oil and gas production environment. Belden solutions are built to keep information flowing safely and quickly, from spreadsheet data to maps, drilling results, reports, charts and training manuals. We offer an impressive array of products designed specifically for hardened networks—all engineered to support reliable long distances, reduced operating costs and decreased installation and maintenance time.