OptoQuick Components

Hirschmann OptoQuick Connectors for plastic fiber are easy to mount and provide a reliable connection. Eliminate risk of RFI/EMI interference, remove disturbance from ground potential and increase transmission distances. Optical transmission and reception elements are available in the OptoQuick range. With a wide variety of options, you'll be sure to find the right high-quality OptoQuick device for your system.

Features & Benefits

  • Components for Your Unique Requirements: Choose from a variety of options: sockets, plugs and couplings that come in different color codings
  • Quick & Easy to Deploy: No assembly tools required
  • Reliable Connections Every Time: Maintain excellent performance with no risk of RFI/EMI or disturbance from ground potential
OptoQuick Components
Standard Plug Socket Coupling Color Function Tech Data
Universal Yes BlackDiode socketProduct Detail
Yes GreyDiode socketProduct Detail
Yes BlackDiode socket with LEDProduct Detail
Yes BlackDiode socket with PINProduct Detail
Yes Black CouplingProduct Detail
Yes Grey CouplingProduct Detail
Yes Black PlugProduct Detail
Yes Grey PlugProduct Detail
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