CCTV & Security Cable

To ensure maximum safety and security, be sure to use Belden's New Generation CCTV and Security Cables. Our security cable product line represents one of the largest, most economical selections of multi-conductor and coaxial products on the market today. For situations located outside of a building or between adjacent buildings, try our waterdog versions for additional protection.

Features & Benefits

  • Ratings Meet Your Needs: NEC rise and plenum rated: UL and C(UL) listed as applicable
  • Reduce Waste & Time: Rip cords allow for easy jacket removal; sequential footage markings on the jacketing to eliminate waste and save time
Type Shielding Rating Tech Data Sheet
Access Control Cable FoilCMP and CMRProduct Detail
Security Alarm & Sound CableProduct Detail
Fire Alarm CablesProduct Detail
Surveillance Coax (CCTV)Product Detail
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