Mechanical Splice-On Connectors

Brilliant in design and universal in implementation, FiberExpress (FX) Brilliance Universal Connectors are a no-epoxy, no-polish, no-crimp, field-installable solution that make fiber termination faster, easier and better with our industry-leading design. Duplex clips hold TX/RX pairs together; better universal fiber support for OM1, OM3, OM4 and OS2.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast & Simple Termination: Terminate in 5 seconds with these field-installable connectors
  • Better Termination Yield: Integrated VFL feedback
  • Universal Support: Works with 250 µm, 900 µm, 2 mm jacketed and 3 mm jacketed optical fibers
  • Ideal for sustainable applications with a no-crimp installation that allows re-termination to improve efficiency and reduce connector waste
  • Excellent network performance, thanks to superior design and manufacturing process
Connector Performance Maximum Insertion Loss Typical Insertion Loss Return Loss
Multimode 0.5 dB 0.2 dB 25 dB
Singlemode UPC 0.5 dB 0.3 dB 50 dB
Single-mode APC 0.5 dB 0.3 dB 55 dB
FX Brilliance Multimode Connectors
DescriptionBelden Part Number
OM1 (Beige)OM3/OM4 (Aqua)OM4 (Erika Violet)
LC with 900 µm BootAX105200-B25AX105202-B25AX105252-B25
SC with 900 µm BootAX105205-B25AX105207-B25AX105253-B25
ST with 900 µm BootAX105210-B25AX105212-B25AX105254-B25
FX Brilliance Singlemode Connectors
DescriptionBelden Part Number
OS2 (Blue)OS2/APC (Green)
1 per package25 per package1 per package25 per package
LC with 900 µm BootAX105203-S1AX105203-B25--
SC with 900 µm BootAX105208-S1AX105208-B25AX105209-S1AX105209-B25
ST with 900 µm BootAX105213-S1AX105213-B25--
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