Connected Trackside/Wayside Networks

Secure, safe and comfortable connectivity for trackside/wayside equipment with low maintenance


The modern mass transit organization has vast communication needs, and trackside/wayside infrastructure includes more than just the signaling and switch gears alongside the tracks. Trackside/Wayside networks comprise an integral part of modern rail systems and grow in importance as rail connectivity develops.


Elements to consider for trackside/wayside network systems



White high-speed commuter train in motion.


Rolling stock assets make the critical communication to a ground-based network for essential functions like remote access and performance monitoring.

Trackside/Wayside control

Control center technician monitoring operations & communicating via two-way radio.


Trackside/Wayside control systems govern level-crossings, signal lights, track switching, and more, enable trains to safely move between stations.  


Trackside/Wayside operations


CCTV, emergency telephones, environmental monitoring, and access control extend oversight capabilities to trackside/wayside environments.



Key benefits of connected trackside/wayside networks


Passenger safety & security

Onboard automation & surveillance improvements to passenger safety & security


Predictive maintenance for rolling stock to reduce unplanned failures & maintenance costs


Labor productivity

Automate onboard operations of rolling stock to increase productivity & limit errors

Asset productivity

Reduce distance between trains on the same track & operate more trains simultaneously to increase rolling stock utilization


Our approach to connected trackside/wayside network solutions

Railway networks operate in harsh environments requiring enhanced performance characteristics and resilience. Challenges include humidity and temperature, the need to span long distances yet fit in small spaces – all of which make achieving redundancy, reliability and data security more complex. Some standards also require electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).


Belden has the expertise to manage such complexity based on a deep knowledge of well-documented uses built specifically for rail applications. Our approach begins with a thorough analysis of the requirements, followed by designing, securing, deploying, and validating a solution that best adapts to the specific case.



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