IO-Link Hubs

IO-Link is the first standardized I/O technology for communicating with sensors and actuators. The LioN-Power IO-Link system combines powerful I/O modules in different variations, enabling intelligent communication between sensors and actuators in industrial environments with several industry-first features.

Features & Benefits

  • Extreme Temperature Operation: Products function at as low as -40°C via the Extended Environmental Conditions (EEC) line
  • Reduced Machine Costs: Efficient combination of IO-Link Master and IO-Link Hubs that allow processing of up to 132 I/O signals
  • Simple Implementation: Preconfigured PX0 modules and no individual parameterization efforts
Technical details
IO-Link Port Class I/O Function Power Connection Technical Data
Port Class B 10DI/6DO M12 A-CodedProduct Detail
10DI/6DOProduct Detail
10DI/6D0Product Detail
Port Class A 16DIProduct Detail
16DIProduct Detail
16DIProduct Detail
16DIO M12 L-CodedProduct Detail
16DIOProduct Detail
16DIOProduct Detail
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