Chimney Containment

Belden's passive and active Chimney Containment solutions maximize computing density while reducing cooling costs. Vertical panels direct hot return air to the overhead return plenum, eliminating mixing and improving the operating efficiency of perimeter CRAC units. Using a fully ducted cold-air delivery system with vertical panels also allows cold air to be placed directly into the cold aisle, eliminating the need to use underfloor space for supply air.

Features & Benefits

  • Manage Extremely High Heat Loads: Belden’s Adaptive Enclosure Heat Containment System can support up to 30 kW per cabinet
  • Support Specific Design Needs: Passive and active chimneys are available as through-ceiling chimneys and against-the-ceiling chimneys
  • Ideal for Existing Data Centers: Non-Belden cabinets can be retrofitted with chimney containment by using a customized adapter plate
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