Broadcast Panels and Enclosures

Belden’s Custom Broadcast Panels and Enclosures offer unmatched levels of adaptability in large spaces to manage multiple media outputs. They can be designed to accommodate whatever broadcast and professional AV connector types and configurations you need to best fit your application. Customization available for features like etching, prewiring, panel height and connector location and alignment. These Custom Broadcast Panels and Enclosures can be used in racks, in broadcast panel junction boxes or on walls in stadiums, arenas, university auditoriums and broadcast AV environments.

Features & benefits

  • Maximize panel space with heights between 1 RU and 4 RU while streamlining cable management with custom connector locations and alignment customization
  • Enhance efficiency and optimize square footage with flexible installation deployment in racks, JBTs or walls
  • Reduce installation time by specifying custom prewiring options
  • Streamline project management by sourcing broadcast cabling, connectors and panels from one trusted source
  • Maintain a specific design aesthetic by customizing panels with etching or logos
Panel typePanel sub-typeStyleSize optionsConnector optionsStandard finishCustom etching available?Data sheet
AudioDT12Panel 1RU DT12 with XLR  Black powder coat aluminumYes
XLRPanel1RU, 2RUXLRBlack powder coat aluminumYes
FiberFiber Panel, JBT Chassis, or Rack Chassis1RU, 2RU, 4RUST, SC, LCBlack powder coat aluminumYes
SMPTE SMPTEPanel, JBT Chassis, or Rack Chassis 2RU ST, SC, LC, Fusion, TriaxBlack powder coat aluminumYes
CoaxCoaxPanel1RU, 2RUBNCBlack powder coat aluminumYes
DataDataPanel1RU, 2RU EtherCON 5e/6/6aBlack powder coat aluminumYes
Blanks and headersBlanks and headersPanel1RU - 4RU N/ABlack powder coat aluminumYes