Solutions to Keep Data Flowing in        Oil & Gas Production Environments

Security & Access Control Solutions

Oil and gas production can present hazards (remote locations can intensify the risks). Safeguarding employees, assets and data is a step you have to take—and Belden’s solutions can help you make that happen. By investing in security solutions through a layered approach, along with accurate recordkeeping, you’ll build solid protection to ensure uptime, redundancy and high availability.

Belden offers cable and connectivity solutions to support safety and security systems critical to maintaining production: access control, instruction detection, surveillance, perimeter monitoring, etc. Our solutions ensure that your security investments operate without fail. We also provide security solutions designed specifically for your data centers and networks, controlling access and protecting data while making sure systems are simple to use and maintain.

  • Indoor/outdoor security systems designed to go wherever you need them.
  • Continuous improvement approach ensures our products & solutions meet current threat tactics.
  • Cost-effective cabling & connectivity infrastructure to support a mix of analog & digital security devices through the transition to IP.
  • Quick-install designs & several security & access control cables featuring Banana Peel construction to eliminate the need for an overall jacket to shorten termination.
  • Patented security features including secure door hinges, intelligent monitoring, cabinet access control, and more.

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